We have previously discussed in detail the disease of diabetes type 2. Today I would like to give a few suggestions for ongoing care and support.

A few tips are:

1. Have a daily schedule–time to do the things necessary for health and fitness. Keep a chart with progress –listing daily times and results of blood sugar readings might be in order. A good rule is to test first thing in the morning and again two hours after a meal. Some must test more often. Blood sugar results for FBS should be below 130. And two hours after a meal should optimally less than 139, some are more lenient and say blood sugar should be less after meals than 189.

2. Get an A1C (an average of three months of blood sugar readings) regularly, close to every three months.

3. Try to see what effect certain foods have on blood sugar readings. For example, my oatmeal of a morning has little effect on my blood sugar readings. Determine by testing, what effect different foods have on blood sugar reading and eat those foods with the best effect. Others of course are able to be eaten, just keep the blood sugar within normal limits.

4. Exercise affects blood sugar readings. Daily exercise will lower those readings. Try to get 30 minutes of exercise on a daily basis or several times a week, like 150 hours a week. Do aerobic exercise and some resistance training.

Plan on five to seven fruits and vegetables each day. Two or three of those could be fruit and four or more could be veggies. Of course this is a goal to strive towards. Eat some good protein each day and experiment with having five meals a day. Those would be smaller meals. I found it very doable and lost weight on it. I had oatmeal in the morning, then lunch of protein and a salad, a milkshake of low calorie content in the afternoon, then a supper of four ounces of protein, two veggies and two fruits at supper . I would have a small snack at bedtime.

6. Aim for a good night’s sleep each night. Optimal is 8-9 hours, at least above 7 hours is the rule. Go to bed and get up at the same time each day.

I will be saying more about diabetes in up-coming articles. Stay healthy, be in control of your diabetes.

Original post found at:  http://www.examiner.com/article/six-tips-for-the-diabetic 

P.S.  When exercising, be sure to test before, during and after physical activity. If you are exercising your legs then don’t take an insulin shot in legs as it will be used up too quickly.

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