The best way torch fat and improve respiration

We all need to breathe deeply and smoothly. This brings increased blood and oxygen supply to those body parts that’s starving for nourishment.

It’s also important to lose weight by burning off excess fat and not just what’s visible on the outside but more importantly — fat surrounding vital organs.

One of the best ways to accomplish both of these things is to do plyometrics exercises. Plyos, as they are called or jumping exercises, requires you to exert the most force you can in short, quick movements. It’s used by many athletes to improve their athletic performance by building stamina, endurance and agility among other things. It’s also a good way to torch fat from around the waist.

If you are just starting an exercise program and may be overweight, I would recommend starting plyos by doing small jumps forwards and backwards. As you get better increase the speed and add some variety.

The following article demonstrates some additional ways to do plyos.

Build Lean Muscle With Plyometrics — No Weights Required

Plyometrics may sound scary, but the body-weight-based training method shouldn’t be intimidating — especially since you’re controlling the speed, intensity, and number of repetitions you perform. In this Yahoo Health video, fitness and nutrition coach Adam Rosante, author of The 30-Second Body, demonstrates four easy plyometric moves to shed fat and build muscle that anyone can do, no weights required.

Start with plie jumps, standing with your feet wider than shoulder-width apart, toes turned out wide and arms lifted in front of you. Press your knees out over your toes, then explode straight up and land softly.

Next, try squat push-ups: come into a squat position, drop your hands to the floor, shoot your feet back, and complete one push-up. Hop your feet forward, lift your chest, and repeat.

For deep mountain-climbers, start at the top of a push-up position and step your right foot to the outside of your right hand. Keeping your core tight, explosively switch feet.

Finally, try table saws, starting on your butt with your hands and feet flat on the floor. Press hips up and kick up your left foot as you swing your right hand up and over. Alternate sides.

Watch Rosante demonstrate the moves in the video above.

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P.S.  Now is a great time to begin doing plyometric exercises. In another couple weeks it will be time to start showing off your new body. Remember, check with your doctor before starting any strenuous exercises and start slowly.

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