Belly fat is the bane of most westernized cultures and can be seen as far back as the days of the pharaohs. It is directly related to inactivity and poor diet. It can be fixed however it will take a strong desire and motivation plus consistent effort to banish it once and for all.

For years I have done sit-ups and crunches and still had a little pouch in my mid-section. When I started doing HIIT (high intensity interval training) along with a few other movements – variations of plancks and conscientiously holding in  my abs- I was able to see a noticeable difference in the way I looked.

The following  article is a good starting point for those who want to get started onn the right path to a flatter stomach and a more toned body.

Blast away belly fat

Some say looks aren’t everything. But they have to admit, a pot belly is neither attractive, nor healthy. The old ‘spare tire’ can lead to such conditions as heart disease, cardiovascular problems, and other ailments. Your waistline reveals a story about your health.

Knowing there are dangers associated with having excessive belly fat is not enough. You must take specific actions to get rid of it. Discipline is required. One should be willing to sacrifice, and muster willpower in order to achieve a flat belly. Truth be told, there is no magic cure to eliminate belly fat. Unless you regard expensive surgery as a miracle cure, you must put in a little effort.

Some think doing targeted abdominal exercises will trim the stomach flab. This alone won’t cut it. You have to battle the bulge with a diet and exercise strategy.

Healthy eating
Change your eating habits to concentrate on more wholesome foods. This includes fruits, vegetables, and grains. Consume lean proteins and dairy products low in fat. Cut the saturated fats such as cheese and butter. Use small amounts of good fats as found in fish, nuts, and olive oil.

Portion control
Although healthy eating is a must, calories do build up. Whether in a restaurant, or at home, cut down on your meal portions. You can save half for later, or share a meal. Have no more than 6 small meals daily.

Moderate exercise
The average adult should get a moderate amount of two types of exercise. The first is aerobic exercises like brisk walking, or jogging. You should do at least 30 minutes, 4 days a week. The second type is strength training exercises, such as calisthenics or weight lifting. This should be done at least 2 days a week.

Develop a good workout routine that you feel you can manage. You can change up the routine some days to add variety. If you stick to your routine faithfully, you will shed excess pounds. Over time you will achieve your fitness goals!

Remember to consult with your doctor first before starting your exercise program. This is especially true if you have any medical conditions. Once you start on your fitness path, stay consistent. There will be times when you might not want to exercise, or you might be tempted to eat the wrong things. That is when you have to manifest the willpower to keep steering yourself on the right track. You will be proud of yourself when you see the final results of your hard work and discipline.

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P.S.  When doing aerobic training its important to avoid steady state cardio as this could lead to undue stress to your heart and lead to joint problems. How many times have you heard or read of marathon runners having heart attacks. A better solution is to do interval training. This will cause you to lose weight faster and you can reduce the time spent doing aerobics exercises.

P.P.S.  Visit exercises for diabetics today for more tips on exercising properly.

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