Goal setting

As mentioned in an earlier post, it’s important to set realistic fitness goals for yourself. They should be broken up into short and long-term commitments.

Short-term goals

Your short-term goals should include things you can do in a short time. For example, if you want to cut your body fat percentage by a certain amount in a month, then write that down and commit your self to doing it. Or may be you want to increase the distance you speed walk by two miles. You can add ½ mile to your distance every day until your reach your goal.

After you’ve reached your goals then set new ones. Challenge yourself and you will be pleasantly surprised. You can do this.

Long-term goals

In addition to your short-term plans, you should set real long-term goals that will give you an incentive to work hard each week. You might want to enter the 10K race coming up in seven months or there may be a twenty-five mile bike race coming up that you and your partner want to enter.

Be specific with your goals. Don’t make vague plans such as ‘I want to be stronger’ or ‘I want to lose weight’. Come up with real numbers; write them down and keep them posted in a prominent place.

Setting goals will help to motivate you by giving you an incentive to workout as often as is necessary to reach those goals. Remain focused on your target and you will surprise yourself.

Other motivating factors

One of the things that help put me in a good frame of mind when exercising is music. I find that certain types of music will make my workout flow that much smoother. When you go to your local fitness center you will see many members exercising with their music strapped on. Music can really help motivate you. You can shut out distractions and focus on what you are doing.

Some people get pumped up by listening to Metallica, while others prefer something a little softer. Choose something that puts you in the mood. Sometimes I find, that when visiting with family and friends and I hear some of the music I listen to in the gym, it automatically triggers me to want to exercise.

You might even get some inspiration from watching certain movies. ‘Rocky’ comes to mind. I like Sci-Fi and movies like the ‘Matrix’ does it for me.

Buy yourself something new that’s exercise related such as workout gloves or a new pair of running shoes. This will have a positive impact on you. It gives you something to look forward to the next time you exercise.

Take before and after pictures. As you begin to see the positive results from all your hard work you will be encouraged to work even harder.

When I go to the gym and can consistently lift heavier weights than I did the week before this always give me a mental boost.

Each week as you make progress toward your goal of a healthier life style you will get that good feeling that will carry over to the next week.

I encourage you to choose a sport that you have always wanted to play or participate in and use this opportunity to become proficient in it. It can be tennis, golfing, swimming, skiing, cycling or whatever.  You will be surprised to find that there are many people like yourself who are beginners and are taking up the sport for the first time.

This will help in motivating you to work harder mentally and physically. You will meet new people in the process and be encouraged as you make progress each time you participate.

Join in the conversation. What are some of the things you use to help you take action?

To a healthier you,

Owen Lecky

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