The secret to transforming your body from where you are now to what you want it look like in the future is to find out what motivates you.

Most of us hate to get out of bed in the mornings. You would rather lie there and think about every excuse not to get up . . . the job, your boss, your coworkers, the weather and a myriad of other things. Plus the bed feels so good especially between 5:30AM and 7:00AM. But you also know that the rent is due at the end of the month along with a ton of other bills. You have to put food on the table every day. If you don’t get up and go to work you don’t get paid. What’s your motivation here?

Exercising is similar. You would rather come home and plant your-self in front of the television for four hours, surf the net, chat on the phone or get involve in some other wasteful activity. But for a fraction of the time you spend doing these things you could have finished your workout for the day.  Heck, as far as TV is concerned, if the show is that important you can tape it.

Point here is that if you don’t begin your exercise program now, you are losing out on a great opportunity to begin reversing your diabetic complications and realizing optimum health.

Make a list of the things you would like to do if you could change your diet and start an exercise program. Is it to feel stronger and more energetic? Is it to get rid of all the diabetic medications you are taking? Or maybe it’s to get rid of the pain and discomfort in your hands and feet. Maybe you want to lose weight. Be specific.

Once you realize what it is that you wish to accomplish, begin to design a plan of action to move towards your goals. This is the fun part. As you layout your plan, start to visualize yourself reaching and surpassing your goals. This will help you find that something inside that will push you to do great things…for you. Aren’t you worth it? If not for you, then for your loved ones.

We will talk more about goal setting another time but for now I would simply like you to think of the things you wish to accomplish. As Sylvester Stallone recently wrote… “Inside each of us is the person we want to be. Others might not realize but … it’s in there”.

Motivation comes from within you. It’s what drives you to do something. It is not an emotion such as fear or anger but is a strong internal desire and determination that is set off by external influences.

If you want to quit smoking … something has to push you to do it. It is the same thing with starting and maintaining an exercise program.  Certain outside influences come into play that will give you that kick in the butt to do it. What’s wrong with starting today?

America is a country of convenience . . . all you have to do is pick up the phone and you can have any type of food delivered to you in minutes. This makes us lazy and complacent, as far as our diet is concerned. If you want to eat healthy you will have to plan your meals accordingly.

To a healthier you,

Owen Lecky

Exercises for Diabetes


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